1999 International Rowing Calendar

A selection of events only

Page created 21 Dec 96, updated 2 Nov 99

27-28 Feb  FISA Team Cup - Seville ESP [full results from FISA,
             and report from Daily Telegraph]

13    Mar  WOMEN'S EIGHTS HEAD - London GBR
       [results on Headraces site, also available: start order.
        Pre-race press release at the Rowing Service.
        Report in The Sunday Times] 
27    Mar  HEAD OF THE RIVER - London GBR
        [results, in finish & alphabetic order,
         though not currently in event order; split times now available;
         also see report from RQ; alternative results site not available?]

10-11 Apr  Ghent Spring - BEL

8-9   May  Munich Junior - GER [now including results]
8-9   May  Ghent - BEL [now including results]
22-23 May  Mannheim - GER [regatta cancelled]
28-30 May  Rowing World Cup - Hazewinkel BEL [changed venue]
            [new info, entry list in text & pdf format, & results;
              results summaries: Fri, Sat, Sun;
             GBR team news & preview in Daily Telegraph,
              reports in The Times & Daily Telegraph]
            [FISA announced that the heats of the Hazewinkel World Cup were to be
              replaced by time trials, as a rehearsal for the system which might need
              to be used in FISA events (or the Olympics) if conditions prevent fair
              side-by-side racing.  (Alternative url for details)]

18-20 Jun  Rowing World Cup - Vienna AUT [new venue][new info,
            and new website from Erster Wiener Ruderclub;
            info now available from FISA, including entry list & results;
            reports from Regatta Online, Daily Telegraph, & The Times]
19-20 Jun  Henley Womens - GBR
          [NOW including draw, (& results now available);
          Preview of HWR, & HWR feature from WIRe]

30 Jun-
    4 Jul  Henley Royal - GBR;
            new HRR press release, entry list, draw, & RESULTS;
           new report from RQ
9-11  Jul  Rowing World Cup - Lucerne SUI [new info]
            FISA page (incl. results), Lucerne's own page,
            RQ's message service, report from Regatta Online.
23-25 Jul  Nations Cup - Hamburg GER [NEW list of entries & results links,
            including Heats, Reps, SFs, A Finals, B Finals, & C Finals;
            reports in Daily Telegraph & The Times]
24    Jul  Home International - Cork IRL [new Scottish team announcement,
            Irish team list, & points score] 
24    Jul  Franco-British Match (J16) - Henley GBR
25-30 Jul  Pan American Games - Winnipeg CAN [NEW official website,
            including results; & entry list from FISA]

28 Jul-
    1 Aug  Royal Canadian Henley - St Catharines CAN
31 Jul-
    1 Aug  Coupe de la Jeunesse - Cork IRL [NEW website,
            now including list of entries & competitors, & results]
            [now available: provisional timetable, jury list,
            GB team report from Daily Telegraph; NEW info from row2k.com;
            updated info from FISA, entry list, start lists for Thursday & Friday;
            Thursday results & highlights,
             + reports in Daily Telegraph & The Times (+ results);
            Friday results, report in The Times (+ results);
            Saturday results, start list, & highlights, + report in Sunday Times;
            Sunday results, start list, & highlights,
             + reports in Daily Telegraph & The Times (+ results)]
5-6   Aug  Commonwealth Regatta - London, Ontario CAN [NEW website;
            also Scottish team announcement, results from RCA, & from The Times,
            & first day's results & second day's results in England FPL4x report]
18-22 Aug  Regatta of the Americas - Welland, Ontario CAN [link from SNRC]
22-29 Aug  WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (NEW replacing old url) - St Catharines CAN
            [also old FISA link, 
              news of work on the course, from St Catharines RC page,
              original GB team list & news from Daily Telegraph, & The Times,
              and now available: early provisional timetable, & jury list,
2000 Olympics qualifying system & now qualified crews; NEW provisional timetable, & other NEW info from FISA, preview, entry list & names of all competitors; Sunday: start list, results, highlights; Monday: start list, results, highlights; Tuesday: start list, results, highlights; Wednesday: start list, results, highlights; Thursday: start list, results, highlights; Friday: start list, results, highlights; Saturday: start list, results, highlights; Sunday: start list, results, highlights; updated GB team list (with summary of their results); NEW links from row2k.com, from RQ, & from Regatta Online] 10-12 Sep FISA Masters - Seville ESP [NEW results, start lists, entry list & draw, programmes for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, also FISA link] 11 Sep International Supersprint - London GBR [NEW event; report, team lists, & quotes, from The Rowing Service, & report in Daily Telegraph; earlier info in Daily Telegraph, & briefly in The Times] 22-24 Sep Olympic Test Regatta - Sydney AUS [NEW link; day 1 & day 2 reports; info also from Sports Central & from row2k] 14-17 Oct Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta - Naganuma JPN [NEW entry list, start list, & results, + Asian crews qualified) (2000 Olympics qualifying system; crews qualified) 23-24 Oct Head of the Charles - Boston USA [NEW results] 31 Oct Blue Ribbon Long Distance Eights Challenge - Lausanne SUI [NEW results]

The events selected for this list are in general those of British interest.

For other events see the new1999 FISA calendar, replacing the earlier provisional 1999 FISA calendar, & the even earlier provisional FISA calendar.  

For a variety of events abroad, see also the new Bremen RV list of regatta calendars including AUT, BEL, FRA, GBR, GER, IRL, ITA, NED, SUI, SWE. Other calendars abroad include RSA.

Calendar of UK events for 1999

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