Rowing: Garton calendar

Page created 13 Jan 2018, last updated 9 Feb 2018

Many of the events in England are scheduled according to the Garton calendar, in which weekend 1 includes the first Sunday of the year. Henley Women's Regatta takes place on weekend 25, Henley Royal Regatta on weekend 27, and the National Championships (Juniors) on weekend 29. The following table shows the calendar (unofficially) for the next few years.

Garton Week 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030
1 Sat 2-Jan-16 6-Jan-18 5-Jan-19 4-Jan-20 2-Jan-21 1-Jan-22 6-Jan-24 4-Jan-25 3-Jan-26 2-Jan-27 1-Jan-28 6-Jan-29 5-Jan-30
1 Sun 3-Jan-16 1-Jan-17 7-Jan-18 6-Jan-19 5-Jan-20 3-Jan-21 2-Jan-22 1-Jan-23 7-Jan-24 5-Jan-25 4-Jan-26 3-Jan-27 2-Jan-28 7-Jan-29 6-Jan-30
2 Sat 9-Jan-16 7-Jan-17 13-Jan-18 12-Jan-19 11-Jan-20 9-Jan-21 8-Jan-22 7-Jan-23 13-Jan-24 11-Jan-25 10-Jan-26 9-Jan-27 8-Jan-28 13-Jan-29 12-Jan-30
2 Sun 10-Jan-16 8-Jan-17 14-Jan-18 13-Jan-19 12-Jan-20 10-Jan-21 9-Jan-22 8-Jan-23 14-Jan-24 12-Jan-25 11-Jan-26 10-Jan-27 9-Jan-28 14-Jan-29 13-Jan-30
3 Sat 16-Jan-16 14-Jan-17 20-Jan-18 19-Jan-19 18-Jan-20 16-Jan-21 15-Jan-22 14-Jan-23 20-Jan-24 18-Jan-25 17-Jan-26 16-Jan-27 15-Jan-28 20-Jan-29 19-Jan-30
3 Sun 17-Jan-16 15-Jan-17 21-Jan-18 20-Jan-19 19-Jan-20 17-Jan-21 16-Jan-22 15-Jan-23 21-Jan-24 19-Jan-25 18-Jan-26 17-Jan-27 16-Jan-28 21-Jan-29 20-Jan-30
4 Sat 23-Jan-16 21-Jan-17 27-Jan-18 26-Jan-19 25-Jan-20 23-Jan-21 22-Jan-22 21-Jan-23 27-Jan-24 25-Jan-25 24-Jan-26 23-Jan-27 22-Jan-28 27-Jan-29 26-Jan-30
4 Sun 24-Jan-16 22-Jan-17 28-Jan-18 27-Jan-19 26-Jan-20 24-Jan-21 23-Jan-22 22-Jan-23 28-Jan-24 26-Jan-25 25-Jan-26 24-Jan-27 23-Jan-28 28-Jan-29 27-Jan-30
5 Sat 30-Jan-16 28-Jan-17 3-Feb-18 2-Feb-19 1-Feb-20 30-Jan-21 29-Jan-22 28-Jan-23 3-Feb-24 1-Feb-25 31-Jan-26 30-Jan-27 29-Jan-28 3-Feb-29 2-Feb-30
5 Sun 31-Jan-16 29-Jan-17 4-Feb-18 3-Feb-19 2-Feb-20 31-Jan-21 30-Jan-22 29-Jan-23 4-Feb-24 2-Feb-25 1-Feb-26 31-Jan-27 30-Jan-28 4-Feb-29 3-Feb-30
6 Sat 6-Feb-16 4-Feb-17 10-Feb-18 9-Feb-19 8-Feb-20 6-Feb-21 5-Feb-22 4-Feb-23 10-Feb-24 8-Feb-25 7-Feb-26 6-Feb-27 5-Feb-28 10-Feb-29 9-Feb-30
6 Sun 7-Feb-16 5-Feb-17 11-Feb-18 10-Feb-19 9-Feb-20 7-Feb-21 6-Feb-22 5-Feb-23 11-Feb-24 9-Feb-25 8-Feb-26 7-Feb-27 6-Feb-28 11-Feb-29 10-Feb-30
7 Sat 13-Feb-16 11-Feb-17 17-Feb-18 16-Feb-19 15-Feb-20 13-Feb-21 12-Feb-22 11-Feb-23 17-Feb-24 15-Feb-25 14-Feb-26 13-Feb-27 12-Feb-28 17-Feb-29 16-Feb-30
7 Sun 14-Feb-16 12-Feb-17 18-Feb-18 17-Feb-19 16-Feb-20 14-Feb-21 13-Feb-22 12-Feb-23 18-Feb-24 16-Feb-25 15-Feb-26 14-Feb-27 13-Feb-28 18-Feb-29 17-Feb-30
8 Sat 20-Feb-16 18-Feb-17 24-Feb-18 23-Feb-19 22-Feb-20 20-Feb-21 19-Feb-22 18-Feb-23 24-Feb-24 22-Feb-25 21-Feb-26 20-Feb-27 19-Feb-28 24-Feb-29 23-Feb-30
8 Sun 21-Feb-16 19-Feb-17 25-Feb-18 24-Feb-19 23-Feb-20 21-Feb-21 20-Feb-22 19-Feb-23 25-Feb-24 23-Feb-25 22-Feb-26 21-Feb-27 20-Feb-28 25-Feb-29 24-Feb-30
9 Sat 27-Feb-16 25-Feb-17 3-Mar-18 2-Mar-19 29-Feb-20 27-Feb-21 26-Feb-22 25-Feb-23 2-Mar-24 1-Mar-25 28-Feb-26 27-Feb-27 26-Feb-28 3-Mar-29 2-Mar-30
9 Sun 28-Feb-16 26-Feb-17 4-Mar-18 3-Mar-19 1-Mar-20 28-Feb-21 27-Feb-22 26-Feb-23 3-Mar-24 2-Mar-25 1-Mar-26 28-Feb-27 27-Feb-28 4-Mar-29 3-Mar-30
10 Sat 5-Mar-16 4-Mar-17 10-Mar-18 9-Mar-19 7-Mar-20 6-Mar-21 5-Mar-22 4-Mar-23 9-Mar-24 8-Mar-25 7-Mar-26 6-Mar-27 4-Mar-28 10-Mar-29 9-Mar-30
10 Sun 6-Mar-16 5-Mar-17 11-Mar-18 10-Mar-19 8-Mar-20 7-Mar-21 6-Mar-22 5-Mar-23 10-Mar-24 9-Mar-25 8-Mar-26 7-Mar-27 5-Mar-28 11-Mar-29 10-Mar-30
11 Sat 12-Mar-16 11-Mar-17 17-Mar-18 16-Mar-19 14-Mar-20 13-Mar-21 12-Mar-22 11-Mar-23 16-Mar-24 15-Mar-25 14-Mar-26 13-Mar-27 11-Mar-28 17-Mar-29 16-Mar-30
11 Sun 13-Mar-16 12-Mar-17 18-Mar-18 17-Mar-19 15-Mar-20 14-Mar-21 13-Mar-22 12-Mar-23 17-Mar-24 16-Mar-25 15-Mar-26 14-Mar-27 12-Mar-28 18-Mar-29 17-Mar-30
12 Sat 19-Mar-16 18-Mar-17 24-Mar-18 23-Mar-19 21-Mar-20 20-Mar-21 19-Mar-22 18-Mar-23 23-Mar-24 22-Mar-25 21-Mar-26 20-Mar-27 18-Mar-28 24-Mar-29 23-Mar-30
12 Sun 20-Mar-16 19-Mar-17 25-Mar-18 24-Mar-19 22-Mar-20 21-Mar-21 20-Mar-22 19-Mar-23 24-Mar-24 23-Mar-25 22-Mar-26 21-Mar-27 19-Mar-28 25-Mar-29 24-Mar-30
13 Sat 26-Mar-16 25-Mar-17 31-Mar-18 30-Mar-19 28-Mar-20 27-Mar-21 26-Mar-22 25-Mar-23 30-Mar-24 29-Mar-25 28-Mar-26 27-Mar-27 25-Mar-28 31-Mar-29 30-Mar-30
13 Sun 27-Mar-16 26-Mar-17 1-Apr-18 31-Mar-19 29-Mar-20 28-Mar-21 27-Mar-22 26-Mar-23 31-Mar-24 30-Mar-25 29-Mar-26 28-Mar-27 26-Mar-28 1-Apr-29 31-Mar-30
14 Sat 2-Apr-16 1-Apr-17 7-Apr-18 6-Apr-19 4-Apr-20 3-Apr-21 2-Apr-22 1-Apr-23 6-Apr-24 5-Apr-25 4-Apr-26 3-Apr-27 1-Apr-28 7-Apr-29 6-Apr-30
14 Sun 3-Apr-16 2-Apr-17 8-Apr-18 7-Apr-19 5-Apr-20 4-Apr-21 3-Apr-22 2-Apr-23 7-Apr-24 6-Apr-25 5-Apr-26 4-Apr-27 2-Apr-28 8-Apr-29 7-Apr-30
15 Sat 9-Apr-16 8-Apr-17 14-Apr-18 13-Apr-19 11-Apr-20 10-Apr-21 9-Apr-22 8-Apr-23 13-Apr-24 12-Apr-25 11-Apr-26 10-Apr-27 8-Apr-28 14-Apr-29 13-Apr-30
15 Sun 10-Apr-16 9-Apr-17 15-Apr-18 14-Apr-19 12-Apr-20 11-Apr-21 10-Apr-22 9-Apr-23 14-Apr-24 13-Apr-25 12-Apr-26 11-Apr-27 9-Apr-28 15-Apr-29 14-Apr-30
16 Sat 16-Apr-16 15-Apr-17 21-Apr-18 20-Apr-19 18-Apr-20 17-Apr-21 16-Apr-22 15-Apr-23 20-Apr-24 19-Apr-25 18-Apr-26 17-Apr-27 15-Apr-28 21-Apr-29 20-Apr-30
16 Sun 17-Apr-16 16-Apr-17 22-Apr-18 21-Apr-19 19-Apr-20 18-Apr-21 17-Apr-22 16-Apr-23 21-Apr-24 20-Apr-25 19-Apr-26 18-Apr-27 16-Apr-28 22-Apr-29 21-Apr-30
17 Sat 23-Apr-16 22-Apr-17 28-Apr-18 27-Apr-19 25-Apr-20 24-Apr-21 23-Apr-22 22-Apr-23 27-Apr-24 26-Apr-25 25-Apr-26 24-Apr-27 22-Apr-28 28-Apr-29 27-Apr-30
17 Sun 24-Apr-16 23-Apr-17 29-Apr-18 28-Apr-19 26-Apr-20 25-Apr-21 24-Apr-22 23-Apr-23 28-Apr-24 27-Apr-25 26-Apr-26 25-Apr-27 23-Apr-28 29-Apr-29 28-Apr-30
18 Sat 30-Apr-16 29-Apr-17 5-May-18 4-May-19 2-May-20 1-May-21 30-Apr-22 29-Apr-23 4-May-24 3-May-25 2-May-26 1-May-27 29-Apr-28 5-May-29 4-May-30
18 Sun 1-May-16 30-Apr-17 6-May-18 5-May-19 3-May-20 2-May-21 1-May-22 30-Apr-23 5-May-24 4-May-25 3-May-26 2-May-27 30-Apr-28 6-May-29 5-May-30
19 Sat 7-May-16 6-May-17 12-May-18 11-May-19 9-May-20 8-May-21 7-May-22 6-May-23 11-May-24 10-May-25 9-May-26 8-May-27 6-May-28 12-May-29 11-May-30
19 Sun 8-May-16 7-May-17 13-May-18 12-May-19 10-May-20 9-May-21 8-May-22 7-May-23 12-May-24 11-May-25 10-May-26 9-May-27 7-May-28 13-May-29 12-May-30
20 Sat 14-May-16 13-May-17 19-May-18 18-May-19 16-May-20 15-May-21 14-May-22 13-May-23 18-May-24 17-May-25 16-May-26 15-May-27 13-May-28 19-May-29 18-May-30
20 Sun 15-May-16 14-May-17 20-May-18 19-May-19 17-May-20 16-May-21 15-May-22 14-May-23 19-May-24 18-May-25 17-May-26 16-May-27 14-May-28 20-May-29 19-May-30
21 Sat 21-May-16 20-May-17 26-May-18 25-May-19 23-May-20 22-May-21 21-May-22 20-May-23 25-May-24 24-May-25 23-May-26 22-May-27 20-May-28 26-May-29 25-May-30
21 Sun 22-May-16 21-May-17 27-May-18 26-May-19 24-May-20 23-May-21 22-May-22 21-May-23 26-May-24 25-May-25 24-May-26 23-May-27 21-May-28 27-May-29 26-May-30
22 Sat 28-May-16 27-May-17 2-Jun-18 1-Jun-19 30-May-20 29-May-21 28-May-22 27-May-23 1-Jun-24 31-May-25 30-May-26 29-May-27 27-May-28 2-Jun-29 1-Jun-30
22 Sun 29-May-16 28-May-17 3-Jun-18 2-Jun-19 31-May-20 30-May-21 29-May-22 28-May-23 2-Jun-24 1-Jun-25 31-May-26 30-May-27 28-May-28 3-Jun-29 2-Jun-30
23 Sat 4-Jun-16 3-Jun-17 9-Jun-18 8-Jun-19 6-Jun-20 5-Jun-21 4-Jun-22 3-Jun-23 8-Jun-24 7-Jun-25 6-Jun-26 5-Jun-27 3-Jun-28 9-Jun-29 8-Jun-30
23 Sun 5-Jun-16 4-Jun-17 10-Jun-18 9-Jun-19 7-Jun-20 6-Jun-21 5-Jun-22 4-Jun-23 9-Jun-24 8-Jun-25 7-Jun-26 6-Jun-27 4-Jun-28 10-Jun-29 9-Jun-30
24 Sat 11-Jun-16 10-Jun-17 16-Jun-18 15-Jun-19 13-Jun-20 12-Jun-21 11-Jun-22 10-Jun-23 15-Jun-24 14-Jun-25 13-Jun-26 12-Jun-27 10-Jun-28 16-Jun-29 15-Jun-30
24 Sun 12-Jun-16 11-Jun-17 17-Jun-18 16-Jun-19 14-Jun-20 13-Jun-21 12-Jun-22 11-Jun-23 16-Jun-24 15-Jun-25 14-Jun-26 13-Jun-27 11-Jun-28 17-Jun-29 16-Jun-30
25 HWR
18-Jun-16 17-Jun-17 23-Jun-18 22-Jun-19 20-Jun-20 19-Jun-21 18-Jun-22 17-Jun-23 22-Jun-24 21-Jun-25 20-Jun-26 19-Jun-27 17-Jun-28 23-Jun-29 22-Jun-30
25 HWR
19-Jun-16 18-Jun-17 24-Jun-18 23-Jun-19 21-Jun-20 20-Jun-21 19-Jun-22 18-Jun-23 23-Jun-24 22-Jun-25 21-Jun-26 20-Jun-27 18-Jun-28 24-Jun-29 23-Jun-30
26 Sat 25-Jun-16 24-Jun-17 30-Jun-18 29-Jun-19 27-Jun-20 26-Jun-21 25-Jun-22 24-Jun-23 29-Jun-24 28-Jun-25 27-Jun-26 26-Jun-27 24-Jun-28 30-Jun-29 29-Jun-30
26 Sun 26-Jun-16 25-Jun-17 1-Jul-18 30-Jun-19 28-Jun-20 27-Jun-21 26-Jun-22 25-Jun-23 30-Jun-24 29-Jun-25 28-Jun-26 27-Jun-27 25-Jun-28 1-Jul-29 30-Jun-30
27 HRR
2-Jul-16 1-Jul-17 7-Jul-18 6-Jul-19 4-Jul-20 3-Jul-21 2-Jul-22 1-Jul-23 6-Jul-24 5-Jul-25 4-Jul-26 3-Jul-27 1-Jul-28 7-Jul-29 6-Jul-30
27 HRR
3-Jul-16 2-Jul-17 8-Jul-18 7-Jul-19 5-Jul-20 4-Jul-21 3-Jul-22 2-Jul-23 7-Jul-24 6-Jul-25 5-Jul-26 4-Jul-27 2-Jul-28 8-Jul-29 7-Jul-30
28 Sat 9-Jul-16 8-Jul-17 14-Jul-18 13-Jul-19 11-Jul-20 10-Jul-21 9-Jul-22 8-Jul-23 13-Jul-24 12-Jul-25 11-Jul-26 10-Jul-27 8-Jul-28 14-Jul-29 13-Jul-30
28 Sun 10-Jul-16 9-Jul-17 15-Jul-18 14-Jul-19 12-Jul-20 11-Jul-21 10-Jul-22 9-Jul-23 14-Jul-24 13-Jul-25 12-Jul-26 11-Jul-27 9-Jul-28 15-Jul-29 14-Jul-30
29 NatChs
16-Jul-16 15-Jul-17 21-Jul-18 20-Jul-19 18-Jul-20 17-Jul-21 16-Jul-22 15-Jul-23 20-Jul-24 19-Jul-25 18-Jul-26 17-Jul-27 15-Jul-28 21-Jul-29 20-Jul-30
29 NatChs
17-Jul-16 16-Jul-17 22-Jul-18 21-Jul-19 19-Jul-20 18-Jul-21 17-Jul-22 16-Jul-23 21-Jul-24 20-Jul-25 19-Jul-26 18-Jul-27 16-Jul-28 22-Jul-29 21-Jul-30
30 Sat 23-Jul-16 22-Jul-17 28-Jul-18 27-Jul-19 25-Jul-20 24-Jul-21 23-Jul-22 22-Jul-23 27-Jul-24 26-Jul-25 25-Jul-26 24-Jul-27 22-Jul-28 28-Jul-29 27-Jul-30
30 Sun 24-Jul-16 23-Jul-17 29-Jul-18 28-Jul-19 26-Jul-20 25-Jul-21 24-Jul-22 23-Jul-23 28-Jul-24 27-Jul-25 26-Jul-26 25-Jul-27 23-Jul-28 29-Jul-29 28-Jul-30
31 Sat 30-Jul-16 29-Jul-17 4-Aug-18 3-Aug-19 1-Aug-20 31-Jul-21 30-Jul-22 29-Jul-23 3-Aug-24 2-Aug-25 1-Aug-26 31-Jul-27 29-Jul-28 4-Aug-29 3-Aug-30
31 Sun 31-Jul-16 30-Jul-17 5-Aug-18 4-Aug-19 2-Aug-20 1-Aug-21 31-Jul-22 30-Jul-23 4-Aug-24 3-Aug-25 2-Aug-26 1-Aug-27 30-Jul-28 5-Aug-29 4-Aug-30
32 Sat 6-Aug-16 5-Aug-17 11-Aug-18 10-Aug-19 8-Aug-20 7-Aug-21 6-Aug-22 5-Aug-23 10-Aug-24 9-Aug-25 8-Aug-26 7-Aug-27 5-Aug-28 11-Aug-29 10-Aug-30
32 Sun 7-Aug-16 6-Aug-17 12-Aug-18 11-Aug-19 9-Aug-20 8-Aug-21 7-Aug-22 6-Aug-23 11-Aug-24 10-Aug-25 9-Aug-26 8-Aug-27 6-Aug-28 12-Aug-29 11-Aug-30
33 Sat 13-Aug-16 12-Aug-17 18-Aug-18 17-Aug-19 15-Aug-20 14-Aug-21 13-Aug-22 12-Aug-23 17-Aug-24 16-Aug-25 15-Aug-26 14-Aug-27 12-Aug-28 18-Aug-29 17-Aug-30
33 Sun 14-Aug-16 13-Aug-17 19-Aug-18 18-Aug-19 16-Aug-20 15-Aug-21 14-Aug-22 13-Aug-23 18-Aug-24 17-Aug-25 16-Aug-26 15-Aug-27 13-Aug-28 19-Aug-29 18-Aug-30
34 Sat 20-Aug-16 19-Aug-17 25-Aug-18 24-Aug-19 22-Aug-20 21-Aug-21 20-Aug-22 19-Aug-23 24-Aug-24 23-Aug-25 22-Aug-26 21-Aug-27 19-Aug-28 25-Aug-29 24-Aug-30
34 Sun 21-Aug-16 20-Aug-17 26-Aug-18 25-Aug-19 23-Aug-20 22-Aug-21 21-Aug-22 20-Aug-23 25-Aug-24 24-Aug-25 23-Aug-26 22-Aug-27 20-Aug-28 26-Aug-29 25-Aug-30
35 Sat 27-Aug-16 26-Aug-17 1-Sep-18 31-Aug-19 29-Aug-20 28-Aug-21 27-Aug-22 26-Aug-23 31-Aug-24 30-Aug-25 29-Aug-26 28-Aug-27 26-Aug-28 1-Sep-29 31-Aug-30
35 Sun 28-Aug-16 27-Aug-17 2-Sep-18 1-Sep-19 30-Aug-20 29-Aug-21 28-Aug-22 27-Aug-23 1-Sep-24 31-Aug-25 30-Aug-26 29-Aug-27 27-Aug-28 2-Sep-29 1-Sep-30
36 Sat 3-Sep-16 2-Sep-17 8-Sep-18 7-Sep-19 5-Sep-20 4-Sep-21 3-Sep-22 2-Sep-23 7-Sep-24 6-Sep-25 5-Sep-26 4-Sep-27 2-Sep-28 8-Sep-29 7-Sep-30
36 Sun 4-Sep-16 3-Sep-17 9-Sep-18 8-Sep-19 6-Sep-20 5-Sep-21 4-Sep-22 3-Sep-23 8-Sep-24 7-Sep-25 6-Sep-26 5-Sep-27 3-Sep-28 9-Sep-29 8-Sep-30
37 Sat 10-Sep-16 9-Sep-17 15-Sep-18 14-Sep-19 12-Sep-20 11-Sep-21 10-Sep-22 9-Sep-23 14-Sep-24 13-Sep-25 12-Sep-26 11-Sep-27 9-Sep-28 15-Sep-29 14-Sep-30
37 Sun 11-Sep-16 10-Sep-17 16-Sep-18 15-Sep-19 13-Sep-20 12-Sep-21 11-Sep-22 10-Sep-23 15-Sep-24 14-Sep-25 13-Sep-26 12-Sep-27 10-Sep-28 16-Sep-29 15-Sep-30
38 Sat 17-Sep-16 16-Sep-17 22-Sep-18 21-Sep-19 19-Sep-20 18-Sep-21 17-Sep-22 16-Sep-23 21-Sep-24 20-Sep-25 19-Sep-26 18-Sep-27 16-Sep-28 22-Sep-29 21-Sep-30
38 Sun 18-Sep-16 17-Sep-17 23-Sep-18 22-Sep-19 20-Sep-20 19-Sep-21 18-Sep-22 17-Sep-23 22-Sep-24 21-Sep-25 20-Sep-26 19-Sep-27 17-Sep-28 23-Sep-29 22-Sep-30
39 Sat 24-Sep-16 23-Sep-17 29-Sep-18 28-Sep-19 26-Sep-20 25-Sep-21 24-Sep-22 23-Sep-23 28-Sep-24 27-Sep-25 26-Sep-26 25-Sep-27 23-Sep-28 29-Sep-29 28-Sep-30
39 Sun 25-Sep-16 24-Sep-17 30-Sep-18 29-Sep-19 27-Sep-20 26-Sep-21 25-Sep-22 24-Sep-23 29-Sep-24 28-Sep-25 27-Sep-26 26-Sep-27 24-Sep-28 30-Sep-29 29-Sep-30
40 Sat 1-Oct-16 30-Sep-17 6-Oct-18 5-Oct-19 3-Oct-20 2-Oct-21 1-Oct-22 30-Sep-23 5-Oct-24 4-Oct-25 3-Oct-26 2-Oct-27 30-Sep-28 6-Oct-29 5-Oct-30
40 Sun 2-Oct-16 1-Oct-17 7-Oct-18 6-Oct-19 4-Oct-20 3-Oct-21 2-Oct-22 1-Oct-23 6-Oct-24 5-Oct-25 4-Oct-26 3-Oct-27 1-Oct-28 7-Oct-29 6-Oct-30
41 Sat 8-Oct-16 7-Oct-17 13-Oct-18 12-Oct-19 10-Oct-20 9-Oct-21 8-Oct-22 7-Oct-23 12-Oct-24 11-Oct-25 10-Oct-26 9-Oct-27 7-Oct-28 13-Oct-29 12-Oct-30
41 Sun 9-Oct-16 8-Oct-17 14-Oct-18 13-Oct-19 11-Oct-20 10-Oct-21 9-Oct-22 8-Oct-23 13-Oct-24 12-Oct-25 11-Oct-26 10-Oct-27 8-Oct-28 14-Oct-29 13-Oct-30
42 Sat 15-Oct-16 14-Oct-17 20-Oct-18 19-Oct-19 17-Oct-20 16-Oct-21 15-Oct-22 14-Oct-23 19-Oct-24 18-Oct-25 17-Oct-26 16-Oct-27 14-Oct-28 20-Oct-29 19-Oct-30
42 Sun 16-Oct-16 15-Oct-17 21-Oct-18 20-Oct-19 18-Oct-20 17-Oct-21 16-Oct-22 15-Oct-23 20-Oct-24 19-Oct-25 18-Oct-26 17-Oct-27 15-Oct-28 21-Oct-29 20-Oct-30
43 Sat 22-Oct-16 21-Oct-17 27-Oct-18 26-Oct-19 24-Oct-20 23-Oct-21 22-Oct-22 21-Oct-23 26-Oct-24 25-Oct-25 24-Oct-26 23-Oct-27 21-Oct-28 27-Oct-29 26-Oct-30
43 Sun 23-Oct-16 22-Oct-17 28-Oct-18 27-Oct-19 25-Oct-20 24-Oct-21 23-Oct-22 22-Oct-23 27-Oct-24 26-Oct-25 25-Oct-26 24-Oct-27 22-Oct-28 28-Oct-29 27-Oct-30
44 Sat 29-Oct-16 28-Oct-17 3-Nov-18 2-Nov-19 31-Oct-20 30-Oct-21 29-Oct-22 28-Oct-23 2-Nov-24 1-Nov-25 31-Oct-26 30-Oct-27 28-Oct-28 3-Nov-29 2-Nov-30
44 Sun 30-Oct-16 29-Oct-17 4-Nov-18 3-Nov-19 1-Nov-20 31-Oct-21 30-Oct-22 29-Oct-23 3-Nov-24 2-Nov-25 1-Nov-26 31-Oct-27 29-Oct-28 4-Nov-29 3-Nov-30
45 Sat 5-Nov-16 4-Nov-17 10-Nov-18 9-Nov-19 7-Nov-20 6-Nov-21 5-Nov-22 4-Nov-23 9-Nov-24 8-Nov-25 7-Nov-26 6-Nov-27 4-Nov-28 10-Nov-29 9-Nov-30
45 Sun 6-Nov-16 5-Nov-17 11-Nov-18 10-Nov-19 8-Nov-20 7-Nov-21 6-Nov-22 5-Nov-23 10-Nov-24 9-Nov-25 8-Nov-26 7-Nov-27 5-Nov-28 11-Nov-29 10-Nov-30
46 Sat 12-Nov-16 11-Nov-17 17-Nov-18 16-Nov-19 14-Nov-20 13-Nov-21 12-Nov-22 11-Nov-23 16-Nov-24 15-Nov-25 14-Nov-26 13-Nov-27 11-Nov-28 17-Nov-29 16-Nov-30
46 Sun 13-Nov-16 12-Nov-17 18-Nov-18 17-Nov-19 15-Nov-20 14-Nov-21 13-Nov-22 12-Nov-23 17-Nov-24 16-Nov-25 15-Nov-26 14-Nov-27 12-Nov-28 18-Nov-29 17-Nov-30
47 Sat 19-Nov-16 18-Nov-17 24-Nov-18 23-Nov-19 21-Nov-20 20-Nov-21 19-Nov-22 18-Nov-23 23-Nov-24 22-Nov-25 21-Nov-26 20-Nov-27 18-Nov-28 24-Nov-29 23-Nov-30
47 Sun 20-Nov-16 19-Nov-17 25-Nov-18 24-Nov-19 22-Nov-20 21-Nov-21 20-Nov-22 19-Nov-23 24-Nov-24 23-Nov-25 22-Nov-26 21-Nov-27 19-Nov-28 25-Nov-29 24-Nov-30
48 Sat 26-Nov-16 25-Nov-17 1-Dec-18 30-Nov-19 28-Nov-20 27-Nov-21 26-Nov-22 25-Nov-23 30-Nov-24 29-Nov-25 28-Nov-26 27-Nov-27 25-Nov-28 1-Dec-29 30-Nov-30
48 Sun 27-Nov-16 26-Nov-17 2-Dec-18 1-Dec-19 29-Nov-20 28-Nov-21 27-Nov-22 26-Nov-23 1-Dec-24 30-Nov-25 29-Nov-26 28-Nov-27 26-Nov-28 2-Dec-29 1-Dec-30
49 Sat 3-Dec-16 2-Dec-17 8-Dec-18 7-Dec-19 5-Dec-20 4-Dec-21 3-Dec-22 2-Dec-23 7-Dec-24 6-Dec-25 5-Dec-26 4-Dec-27 2-Dec-28 8-Dec-29 7-Dec-30
49 Sun 4-Dec-16 3-Dec-17 9-Dec-18 8-Dec-19 6-Dec-20 5-Dec-21 4-Dec-22 3-Dec-23 8-Dec-24 7-Dec-25 6-Dec-26 5-Dec-27 3-Dec-28 9-Dec-29 8-Dec-30
50 Sat 10-Dec-16 9-Dec-17 15-Dec-18 14-Dec-19 12-Dec-20 11-Dec-21 10-Dec-22 9-Dec-23 14-Dec-24 13-Dec-25 12-Dec-26 11-Dec-27 9-Dec-28 15-Dec-29 14-Dec-30
50 Sun 11-Dec-16 10-Dec-17 16-Dec-18 15-Dec-19 13-Dec-20 12-Dec-21 11-Dec-22 10-Dec-23 15-Dec-24 14-Dec-25 13-Dec-26 12-Dec-27 10-Dec-28 16-Dec-29 15-Dec-30
51 Sat 17-Dec-16 16-Dec-17 22-Dec-18 21-Dec-19 19-Dec-20 18-Dec-21 17-Dec-22 16-Dec-23 21-Dec-24 20-Dec-25 19-Dec-26 18-Dec-27 16-Dec-28 22-Dec-29 21-Dec-30
51 Sun 18-Dec-16 17-Dec-17 23-Dec-18 22-Dec-19 20-Dec-20 19-Dec-21 18-Dec-22 17-Dec-23 22-Dec-24 21-Dec-25 20-Dec-26 19-Dec-27 17-Dec-28 23-Dec-29 22-Dec-30
52 Sat 24-Dec-16 23-Dec-17 29-Dec-18 28-Dec-19 26-Dec-20 25-Dec-21 24-Dec-22 23-Dec-23 28-Dec-24 27-Dec-25 26-Dec-26 25-Dec-27 23-Dec-28 29-Dec-29 28-Dec-30
52 Sun 25-Dec-16 24-Dec-17 30-Dec-18 29-Dec-19 27-Dec-20 26-Dec-21 25-Dec-22 24-Dec-23 29-Dec-24 28-Dec-25 27-Dec-26 26-Dec-27 24-Dec-28 30-Dec-29 29-Dec-30
53 Sat 31-Dec-16 30-Dec-17 31-Dec-22 30-Dec-23 30-Dec-28
53 Sun 31-Dec-17 31-Dec-23 31-Dec-28

Earlier calendars for 2004-2010, & 2007-2020.

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