Schinias, Athens, Greece : 6 - 9 August 2003


J 4-
Colin Scott/ Will Robinson/ Ryan Davies/ Ruben Reggiani
(RGS Worcester/ Pangbourne College/ Leander Club/ Pangbourne College)
Coach: Alex Henshilwood (Pangbourne College)
2nd in heat; 2nd in rep, to Final B;  2nd in B Final, 8th overall

J 4+
Alex Day/ Ben Curtis/ Nicholas Zdrzalka/ George Kitowitz/ Dean McCloy (cox)
(Canford/ Monmouth/ Tiffin/ St Edwards/ Hampton)
Coach: Nick Sellers (Eton College)
2nd in heat; 2nd in rep, to Final A;  5th place.

J 2-
Ben Smith/ David Hollinshead
(St Edwards/ Shrewsbury)
Coach: Matthew Hackett (Kings Chester)
3rd in heat; 2nd in rep, to Final B;  3rd in B Final, 9th overall.

J 8
Nick Downing/ Phil Evans/ Alex Stenning/ Oliver Moore/ Andrew Haigh [Ben Smith substitute in rep]/ David Lambourn/ Jamie Anderson/ Charlie Smith/ Nick Brodie (cox)
(St Pauls/ St Pauls/ Radley College/ Radley College/ St Pauls/ St Edwards/ Abingdon/ Pangbourne/ Abingdon)
Coach: Richard Hamilton (ARA)
Sank in heat; 2nd in rep, to Final A;  GOLD MEDAL.

Dan Tipney/ Andrew Walker/ Tom Wilkinson/ Zac Purchase
(Marlow RC/ Leander Club/ Henley College/ Kings Worcester)
Coach: Peter Sheppard (ARA)
1st in heat, to SF; progression revised & now an eight boat Final A; 6th place.


W J 4-
Laura Greenhalgh/ Sophie Hosking/ Henrietta Greene/ Natasha Page
(Headington School/ Kingston GS/ Lady Eleanor Holles School/ Gloucester RC
Coach: Eve Singfield (St Edwards)
1st in heat, to Final A; SILVER MEDAL.

W J 2x
Victoria Land/ Caroline Barrett
(Avon County RC/ Royal Chester RC)
Coach: Paul Stannard (Lady Eleanor Holles School)
3rd in heat, to SF; 2nd equal in SF, to Final A; 6th place.

(crews listed from bow to stroke)

Team Manager: David Berry
Chief Coach for Juniors: Peter Sheppard

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