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Updates to this page 11 Mar 1998, to include map link, 17 Sep 98 to include satellite photo, (& 16 Jan 2000 to point out that the latter is no longer available), 28 Apr 2000 with multimap link & update to UK Street Map, 28 Sep 2000 with updated info re Millenium map, 4 Dec 2001 with MapQuest link, 24 Dec 2001 with updates to MapQuest link, 26 May 2002 with Multimap aerial photo, 27 Sep 2002 with a shorter link for my StreetMap link, & 8 Dec 2006 with Wiki link for other maps & aerial photos.  Updates to my rowing pages are summarised here.

Hello... I am David Biddulph .  I was born in the Lake District, but after some time in London I now live near the South coast of England in a village called Lovedean (see UK Street Map & also multimap & MapQuest) in Hampshire (not far from Portsmouth).  [There was a satellite photo of the area (from 1987 before some of the houses were built!), but that one doesn't seem to be available any more.  This aerial view is now available from the new Millennium map, & this aerial photo from Multimap, & see also Wiki link for other maps & aerial photos.]

Here are links to specific topics (only the one topic yet, but those that know me will realise that rowing takes up most of my leisure time):

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