Skiff Racing Association Inter-Club Races

15 Sept 1996

Each event is raced between teams of three strings. In each heat or final, the first strings race against each other (points being awarded for each race), and so do the second strings, and again the third strings. There was close racing in most of the events, from the start of the afternoon in the first heat of the Davis Cup when DSPC's 3rd string beat their TVSC rivals by 2 feet in the deciding race, to the last race of the day when the deciding race in the Lowe Cup was another exciting 2 foot verdict, this time to John Graham of DSPC over Gareth Bennett of WSPC. The eventual outcome was that the two men's events went to DSPC, and the two women's events to TVSC. It was particularly gratifying to see entries not only from the four larger clubs, but also from both Wargrave and Granta.

Davis Cup (Men's Doubles)
DSPC bt TVSC 7-5
WBC bt DSPC 9-3
WSPC bt SC 7-5
Final: DSPC bt WSPC 7-5

J Graham B Long S Peacock (cox)
P Reynolds M Knight T Lohmann (cox)
L Marriner S Leifer K Knight (cox)
Chuter Cup (Ladies' Singles)
TVSC 18pts WSPC 10pts DSPC 8pts

E Laverick
S Birch
S Wright
Churchill Plate (Ladies' Doubles)
TVSC bt WSPC 7-5
DSPC bt WBC 9-3
Final: TVSC bt DSPC 7-5

S Birch E Laverick L Aston (cox)
J Morgan C Faretta S Clarke (cox)
K Ball S Wright E Egginton (cox) 
Lowe Cup (Men's Singles)
SC bt GSC 7-5
DSPC bt SC 6-5
WSPC bt WBC 9-3
Final: DSPC bt WSPC 7-5

C Hall
B Long
J Graham

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