ARA Rules of Racing

Brief unofficial summary of changes in 1998 and 1999, since the major revisions in 1997

[unofficial notes, not with the authority of the ARA or of the sub-committee on the Rules of Racing.
For full details of the rules, see the 1999 issue of the British Rowing Almanack,
or the MS Word file available from the ARA website
Changes were introduced in 1999, unless specifically stated as being 1998.
Most of the changes are minor corrections or clarifications.

1.2 t Definition of Private Match added 1998 (but under further consideration for future)

1.2 v Definition of Racing Licence added. Throughout the rules, references to points book and registration card changed to Racing Licence.

1.2 y Definition of Umpire's qualification, references to SARA & WARA added (as well as existing references to ARA or FISA)

2-1-6 Again SARA & WARA references added

2-3-3 Racing Licence replacing Registration Cards and Points Books

2-3-9 Racing Licence replacing Points Books

2-4-4 a Old sub-para a used to say sit forward ready at 2 minutes - removed 1998

2-4-4 b Announcement of lanes or stations during roll-call, note added in 1998 to say "if not previously announced"

2-5-4 c To stop race: Bell, then red flag, then say Stop. In the 1997 version, the flag and bell were in the wrong order, but this was corrected in 1998.

3-1-1 … association recognised by the ARA or FISA. Reference to ARA added 1998

3-3-3 a … before 1st September, was … by 1st September (in 1997 & 1998 version), but this was not intended. The boundary for the Junior age groups is between those born in August and those born in September.

4-1-2 Reference to fun events generated on the day among existing competitors. Added 1998

4-1-2 Footnote referring to 6-1-8 added in 1998

4-1-3 Senior 4 now allowed for Women [the most significant change added since the 1997 revision]

5-2-1 Regatta notice copied to ARA simultaneously with distribution to clubs. Inadvertently omitted from 1997 rules, reinstated 1999

5-2-2 … association recognised by the ARA or FISA. Reference to ARA added 1998, as in 3-1-1

6-1-1 Note re Race Committee: reference to 6-1-6 added

7-1-2 Sponsors' logos, names etc.:
 Allowed below water-line
 Limit on number of occurrences on saxboard

Used to say only one sponsor. This limit removed in 1999
Used to be a contradiction regarding items other than racing vest. Contradiction removed 1999, clarifying that restriction is only on the racing vest.

Have I missed anything?  It is possible that I have missed some of the changes.  If so, please let me know.

If there are any further points which you think might benefit from further clarification in this summary, please let me know, and I will see what I can do.

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