2002 International Rowing Calendar

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23    Feb  FISA Team Cup - Seville ESP [GB squad named]

9     Mar  Women's Eights Head - London GBR [start order - record entry;
            cancelled because of strong winds]
23    Mar  HEAD OF THE RIVER RACE [0945]- London GBR [start order & alphabetic;
            results were available by SMS text message]  
24    Mar  Vesta Veterans Head - London GBR
            [start order, also club order & simple text file]
13-14 Apr  Ghent Spring & Junior - BEL
26-27 Apr  Rowing World Cup - Princeton NJ USA [date changed, then cancelled]

3-5   May  Cologne - GER [GB crews named, GB reports: Sat & Sun, & results]
11-12 May  Ghent International - BEL [draw & results]
10-12 May  Rowing World Cup 1st round - Princeton NJ USA [cancelled]
11-12 May  Munich Junior - GER [results]
17-19 May  Duisburg - GER [entry list, & timetable; + GB crews named;
            results now available; GB reports & results: Sat & Sun]

14-16 Jun  Rowing World Cup 1st round - Hazewinkel BEL
            [preview, entry summary, & timetable; entry details;
            results (& from FISA: Fri, Sat, Sun); GB squad names & results;
            FISA reports: Fri, Sat a.m., Sat p.m., & Sun;
             GB reports & results: Fri, Sat & Sun]
21-23 Jun  Henley Womens - GBR [timetable & draw; results now available: Fri/ Sat/ Sun]
22-23 Jun  Royal Maas Holland Beker - Amsterdam NED [cancelled for 2002 & 2003]
28-30 Jun  Rowing World Cup - Munich GER [date now changed]

3-7   Jul  Henley Royal GBR [entries + press release, timetable, & draw, (+ draw from RQ),
            results of qualifying Races, race results, & photos; press report links from RQ,
            Scottish reports from SARA, culminating in the first HRR win for a Scottish club,
            & FISA report]
12-14 Jul  Rowing World Cup 2nd round - Lucerne SUI [provisional timetable, entry summary, 
            entry list, start lists, & results (link via FISA, but server sometimes unreliable);
            FISA reports: Fri am, Fri pm, Sat am, Sat pm, Sun am, Sun pm;  reports from RQ or here;
            GB squad names & updated results; from BIRO, GB team announcement & reports: Fri, Sat, Sun]
26-28 Jul  World U23 Regatta - Genoa ITA [FISA preview & report; GB team announcement & report;
            results (heats/ semis & finals) from RQ, & from Canottaggio Vero]
27    Jul  Home International - Strathclyde Park GBR
            [including draw & timetable, Scottish team announcement, & results report (also from RQ);
              results with times now available: page 1/ page 2]
27    Jul  Franco-British J16 match - Nantes FRA [programme & results for France; results & photos]

1-3   Aug  Rowing World Cup 3rd round - Munich GER  [including general programme; FISA preview;
            entry lists by event, summary by event, summary by nation, full list with names;
            GB squad names & their results; BIRO preview + reports: Thu/ Fri/ Sat;
            links for results: RQ summaries: Thu/ Fri/ Sat + A final reports; Munich official website, & FISA;
            FISA reports: Thu am/ Thu pm/ Fri am/ Fri pm/ Sat B-finals/ Sat non-Oly A-finals/ Sat Oly A-finals]
3-4   Aug  Coupe de la Jeunesse - Montemor-o-Velho POR [including English version; results from NLRoei]
7-10  Aug  WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - Trakai LTU [FISA preview & provisional timetable;
            FISA reports: Wed am/ Wed pm/ Thu am/ Thu pm/ Fri/ Sat;
            results & start lists; alternative results database not available;
            timetable also on official website; GB team & their results]
7-11 Aug Royal Canadian Henley 16-24 Aug Festival of Rowing - Nottingham GBR [Rowing Service link, including results; results from Martin Saxon, results also on Festival site]; Festival including: 17-18 Aug Commonwealth Rowing Championships - Nottingham GBR [provisional entry list & race list; England & Scotland team announcements; competitor lists, commentary, & results, + medal table] 22-24 Aug FISU World University Rowing Championships - Nottingham GBR [provisional entry list & race list; competitor lists, commentary, & results, + medal table] 6-8 Sep FISA World Masters Regatta - Racice CZE [further information & PDF file; start lists; flood situation reports on FISA news page; map of the area, can be zoomed, resized, recentred, etc.; results; report from FISA Masters Commission chairman Peter Morrison; photos: from Canottaggio Vero & now also from NLroei; all Masters rowers are reminded of the FISA Masters survey (see also FISA Masters pages)] 15-22 Sep WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Seville ESP [including changed url for official website; provisional timetable (& from FISA) + updated programme; final schedule of racing; FISA press release, preview, & entry lists; results & biographies from JAMCO; GB squad listing with their results; coverage from row2k; TV schedule; team trophy results; live race tracker & results now available, linked from FISA; medal table & results summary from RQ; FISA reports: Hts: day 1, day 2, reps: day 3, day 4, SFs: day 5, day 6, finals: day 7, day 8; BIRO reports: Hts: day 1, day 2, reps: day 3, day 4, SFs: day 5, day 6, finals: day 7, day 8] 30 Sep - 3 Oct Asian Games - Pusan KOR 5 Oct Mercedes-Benz World Rowing Sprint - London GBR [new event; further info from FISA, also from ARA; further details, including timetable & names of participants; also preview & report from BIRO; results] 5-13 Oct World Masters Games - Melbourne AUS [rowing 9-13 Oct at Ballarat; new info, including crew lists, draw, & results] 19-20 Oct Head of the Charles - Boston USA [new results] 19-24 Nov Central American and Caribbean Games - San Salvador ESA

The events selected for this list are in general those of British interest.  See also BIRO calendar for 2001/2, and the BBC's rowing calendar for 2002.

For other events, see the FISA calendar for 2002.  

Calendar of UK events for 2002

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