2004 Rowing Calendar

Page created 27 Nov 00 , last updated 30 Mar 05.  If, for the event you are looking at, there are no links here to the 2004 information, it may perhaps be worth trying last year's link (if there is one) from the 2003 calendar, or (of course) keep an eye on Rachel Quarrell's New Information page.  See also the ARA calendar  


10    Jan  Upton Head [cancelled - River forecast to rise another 2-3 ft overnight]
17    Jan  Head of the Avon Gorge [17th, not 25th;
            cancelled due to engineering works on the harbour entrance and unsuitable tides]
18    Jan  Boston Head [25th, not 18th]
           Remenham Challenge - Staines [results (also on club pages) & photos]
           Monmouth Winter Head [cancelled because of river conditions]
24    Jan  Cambridge Head to Head [draw & results now available]
           SARA Open Indoor Rowing Championships [results]
25    Jan  Head of the Avon Gorge [17th, not 25th]
           Boston Head [not 18th as on previous ARA list; draw & results now available]
           Thames Valley Head Trials [draw; results now available]
           Cambridge Winter League I
31    Jan  Hampton Head	[Junior/ Schools][entry details & start list; cancelled because of bad weather]
           Wycliffe Big Head [not 31 Jan but 7 Feb]
           Glasgow University BC Western Head [results]

1     Feb  Warrington Head of the Mersey [cancelled because of high river levels]
           Stourport Winter Head [cancelled because of floodwater]
           Strathclyde University SBH [results: div 1/ div 2]
7     Feb  Henley Fours Head [draw & results]
           Peterborough Head of the Nene [draw & results]
           Durham Small Boats Head [start order; record entry; unofficial results for div 1 & 2;
            event cancelled during div 2; rescheduled for 28th Feb]
           Wycliffe Big Head [draw & results now available]
           GB Senior & U23 trials - Boston [BIRO preview & report; results: Div 1 (M/W), Div 2 (LM/LW)]
           Aberdeen Eights Head [start order & results]
14    Feb  Henley Junior Head [poster & results]
           Molesey Veterans Head [start order & results]
           Avon County Head [draw; results: overall & by events]
           South Yorkshire Head [course CHANGED; start order & results; photos from Nature's Images]
           GB Junior trials - Boston [results: div 1 (JW/J16M), div 2 (JM/J16M)]
           Inverness Eights & SBH [draw & results]
15    Feb  Bedford Eights and Fours Head [info, draw, & results :overall + by status]
           Exeter Winter Head [draw & results]
           GB Junior trials - Boston [results]
21    Feb  Burway Head [draw, & results: eights, fours, & by status; photos from Photo Row]
           Norwich Head [28th, not 21st]
           Tyne Head [date CHANGED to 6 March]
           North West Junior Head [closed]
           Clydesdale Eights & Fours Head  [poster, info, & entry form]
22    Feb  Greenwich Fours Head [poster & results on PBDRC site]
           Hammersmith Women & Juniors Head [date CHANGED to 29 Feb]
           Nottingham Head of the Trent [draw & results; photos from Nature's Images]
           Cambridge Winter League II
           Aberdeen Universities Boat Race [press preview]
24-28 Feb  Cambridge Lent Bumps [charts]
28    Feb  Teddington Sculls [date CHANGED to 27 March]
           Reading University Head [start order & results ;
            photos from Nature's Images, from BigBlade, & from Photo Row]
           Runcorn Spring Eights Head
           Worcester Head [list of entries, & rsults: div 1 & div 2] 
           Norwich Head [28th, not 21st; draw, & results; new url for event, & results]
           Durham Small Boats Head [poster, start order, & results;
             cancelled during div 2 on 7th Feb, hence rescheduled for 28th]
           Cardiff Bay Head
           Celebration of 60th anniversary of 1944 University Boat Race - Ely [commemoration race,
            won by Cambridge veterans]
29    Feb  Medway Fours Head [date CHANGED to 14 Mar]
           City of Bristol Head [no info on club website, but results (unformatted) on rsr on Google]
           Bideford Small Boats Head
           BUSA Head - Nottingham [start list, results, & photos from Nature's Images]
           Hammersmith Women & Juniors Head [draw & results][date CHANGED from 22 Feb]
           GB Junior trials - Peterborough

3 - 6 Mar  Oxford University Torpids 
6     Mar  Women's Eights Head (1530) [start order (record entry); photos from BigBlade;
            results: time order (revised url), also alphabetical, & by division; other W8H links]
           Yorkshire Head [poster, draw, & results]
           Tyne Head [date CHANGED from 21 Feb; start order & results]
           Scottish Schools Head - Glasgow [start order]
7     Mar  Hammersmith Head [date CHANGED to 14 Mar]
           Weybridge Head [details, start order, & results (also by category)]
13    Mar  Kingston Head [info on KRC site: poster & draw; results and photos now available]
           North of England Head [draw & results]
14    Mar  Gloucester Head [results: html, xls, & pdf]
           Hammersmith Head [start order & results][date CHANGED from 7 Mar]
           Medway Fours Head [date CHANGED from 29 Feb]
           Cambridge Winter League III
16    Mar  Schools Head (1100) [entry list & draw, results now available;
            photos from Nature's Images & from BigBlade]
20    Mar  Head Of The River [time CHANGED from 1530 to 1545; start order (also alphabetical);
            photos to come from Nature's Images; cancelled owing to windy conditions]
21    Mar  Vesta Veterans Head [start order; photos now from Nature's Images & from Photo Row;
            results, for those crews which completed the shortened course to Hammersmith; BBC report]
           Henley Boat Races [link from OURCs, also info (including crew lists) from CUWBC & CULRC;
            Nepthys 5:45  beat  Granta  5:46  by a canvas
            Osiris  6:15  beat  Blondie 6:17  by 1/2 length
            OUWLRC  6:08  beat  CUWBC lightweights 6:10  by 3/4 length
            OUWBC   6:06  beat  CUWBC   6:19  by 4 lengths
            OULRC   5:36  beat  CULRC   5:37  by 1/2 length]
           Head of the Stour, Christchurch [H&DARA; start order; postponed to 4th April]
27    Mar  Teddington Sculls [date CHANGED from 28 Feb; poster, also here; 
            start order, instructions to competitors, & results; photos now available from Photo Row]
           Glasgow RC SBH [including start order, & results: div 1, div 2]
           Ponteland Junior Head [start order, & results: div 1, div 2, div 3]
28    Mar  University Boat Race 18:00 [last one on BBC TV; crew announcement; Goldie/Isis report; times]  
           Abingdon Head [start order]
           Cardiff Bay Head

3     Apr  Tideway Scullers Head 15:00 [info, draw, results, & photos from Photo Row]
           Strathclyde University Regatta [draw]
           Sports Memorabilia Auction - Thames RC
4     Apr  Bedford Spring Fours and Small Boats Head [draw & results]
           Veteran Scullers Head (probably included in Tideway event previous day?)
           Head of the Adur
           Head of the Stour, Christchurch [H&DARA; postponed from 21st March; starting order available]
12    Apr  Northwich Spring Head
13-14 Apr  GB Senior squad trials (Hazewinkel BEL) [preview, & results: from RQ, & from BIRO: Tue/Wed]
17    Apr  Southampton Coastal Fours HORR [H&DARA] [draw & results]
           Viking Shield (Herne Bay) [CARA]
           North East Regatta
17-18 Apr  Worcester Double-up (multi-course event)
           North East Regatta (Aberdeen) [draw]
18    Apr  Leicester [poster & draw]
24    Apr  Birmingham [poster, draw & results]
           Hammermsith Amateur [details]
           Oxford City Bumping Races [provisional start order, & results: M/W]
           Nottingham City [only one day this year; details including Victor Ludorum, draw & results]
           Head of the Dart
24/25 Apr  Strathclyde Park Regatta/ Scottish University Championships [info on SARA website;
            draw: Sat/Sun; results: Sat/Sun]
25    Apr  Lea Spring
           Junior Inter-Regional Regatta, NWSC
           National Junior team small boats regatta, Dorney

1     May  Head of the Cam
           Chiswick [new url, draw, & results, + newer url & alternative url]
           York Spring
           Evesham [Saturday draw; cancelled because of river conditions; hope to reschedule early Sept]
1-3   May  BUSA - NWSC [press release; sprints on the Monday;
            draw: Sat/ Sun/ Mon; note re Novice 8s & 4s;  safety instructions; results: Sat summary/ Sun /Mon]
2     May  Wallingford (Dorney) [draw, & results; photos from BigBlade; video from RowTV]
           Evesham Sprint [Sunday draw; cancelled because of river conditions; hope to reschedule early Sept]
3     May  Marlow Spring [results]
5     May  Ball Cup (North) [date CHANGED to 12 May]
8     May  Borne at Chiswick Bridge
           Avon County Junior - 4-lane - Swindon
           Bristol Varsity Boat Race (closed)
           Worthing [H&DARA; results] 
           Clydesdale [draw]
8-9   May  Durham City [draw: Sat/ Sun; video from RowTV]
9     May  Cambridge Sprint
           Poplar Spring [draw & results]
           Ball Cup (South) [Dorney]
12    May  Ball Cup (North) [date CHANGED from 5 May; to be held at Warrington]
15    May  Bedford Amateur [draw & results; video from RowTV]
           Thames Ditton [new website; draw now available]
           Putney Town [link no longer available]
           Bradford Spring [date CHANGED from 22nd to 15th May; draw & results]
           Tyne at Home
           Newport [H&DARA; results]
           Bideford Head Race
           Edinburgh/ Glasgow Universities Boat Race [Herald report]
16    May  Maidenhead Junior [poster, results,& photos from BigBlade]
           Shrewsbury Sprint
           Northumbrian Water University Boat Race
            (Novice Women's VIII: Durham University by two lengths
             Novice Men's VIII: Durham University won by five lengths
             Women's VIII - Durham University won by one length
             Men's VIII - Durham University won by one-third of a length)
22    May  Bradford Spring [date CHANGED from 22nd to 15th May]
           Twickenham [results]
           Tees (part of a weekend festival, with a visit from Sir Steve on the Sunday) [info & draw]
           Coate Water [video from RowTV]
           Worthing (CARA) 
           Ryde [H&DARA] [draw, & results]
           Castle Semple [draw]
23    May  Shanklin [H&DARA; results]
           Tees Redgrave '5 Gold' Challenge [info on nerowing yahoo group] [info, draw, & results]
           Cambridge Champs Eights Head
26-29 May  Oxford University Summer Eights 
28-30 May  NATIONAL SCHOOLS REGATTA [now 3 days of racing; draw, & results now available (also on NWSC site);
            photos from Nature's Images]   
29    May  Doncaster
           Milford [H&DARA; results]
           Monmouth Sprint (WARA) [NOT Worcester; note also that Sprint is Saturday, & longer course Sunday]   
29-30 May  Metropolitan (Dorney) [draw & timetable, + results: Sat/Sun; video from RowTV]
30    May  Monmouth (WARA) [video from RowTV]
           Cambridge '99 Invitation Regatta 
31    May  Hereford City [video from RowTV]
           Northwich Sprint

5     Jun  Walton [draw, & results now available]
           Southampton Town [H&DARA]; date now CHANGED to Sun 20th Jun]
           Avon County Oarsome - Saltford
           Hexham [draw]
           Hastings (CARA)
5-6   Jun  Docklands (ML) [cancelled; insufficient entries]
           Peterborough (ML) [video (Saturday) from RowTV]
6     Jun  Weybridge Ladies 
           Shoreham (CARA)
9-12  Jun  Cambridge University May Bumps [getting-on race results;
            unofficial bumps charts from 1st & 3rd: M/W; + official chart from CUCBC]
12    Jun  Marlow Town [& alternative url; timetable & draw, results, & photos]
           Barnes and Mortlake [draw]
           Star [draw; also Tim Foster's book launch]
           Poole [H&DARA; results]
           Queen's Belfast v Trinity Dublin - 14:30 Belfast [info]
12-13 Jun  Reading Amateur [draw & timetables; video (Saturday finals) from RowTV]
           Durham [list of entries: Sat/ Sun, draw: Sat/ Sun, & results; photos from www.rowingphoto.co.uk]
           Totnes & Bridgetown Regatta
           Scottish & Schools Championships [draw: Sat/ Sun; results: Sat/ Sun]
13    Jun  Loughborough/ National Veterans [poster & draw]
           Star Sprint [draw]
           Possible Junior Regatta, Poole Park Lake 
14    Jun  X-Press Head - Cambridge
18-20 Jun  HENLEY WOMEN'S REGATTA [race order: Fri/ Sat/ Sun; results: Fri/ Sat/ Sun, + list of winners;
            video from RowTV; photos from Nature's Images & from BigBlade]
19    Jun  Marlow Amateur - Dorney [online entries closed; draw & results (also from Mikrotime);
            photos from Chris Parry & video from RowTV]
           York Summer
           Bridgnorth [cancelled due to shortage of entries]
           Woolston [H&DARA; results] 
           Nithsdale [draw]
20    Jun  Thames Valley Park   
           Lancaster City
           Bristol Ariel Junior Head
           Southampton Town [H&DARA]; date now CHANGED from Sat 5th Jun; results]
25    Jun  HRR qualifying races [results; photos from Nature's Images & BigBlade]
26    Jun  Richmond 
           Reading Town 
           Peterborough J14 [details & draw]
           Itchen Imperial [H&DARA; results]
           WEARA Vets and Juniors Regatta (Bideford)
27    Jun  Egham [draw]
           Ironbridge Sprint

30 Jun
  - 4 Jul  HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA [entries, outline programme of racing, results from qualifying races;
            draw (also from RQ), & daily timetable; results now available;
            photos from Nature's Images & from BigBlade (including the Harvard bowman's exit); video from RowTV]
3 or 24 Jul Falmouth 
3     Jul  Talkin Tarn
           Folkestone (CARA)
4     Jul  Bexhill (CARA) [date CHANGED to 1st August]
6     Jul  Cambridgeshire Rowing Association Time Race
9-10  Jul  Henley Veterans [online entries now closed; draw & timetable now available;
            results: xls/pdf/html; photos from Nature's Images & from BigBlade]
10    Jul  Kingston Amateur [new website, from Webbrew Media; results expected 14 July]
           Southsea [H&DARA] [cancelled because of bad conditions; also photos from Hastings RC;
            results of those events which were completed]
           Burton [draw]
           Maidstone Town, for beginners
11    Jul  Kingston Borough [new website, from Webbrew Media; results expected 14 July]
           Bedford Quarts Sprint [results]
           Burton Sprint
           Llandaff Sprint
           "Do the Mile" for Sports Relief: Warwick Boat Club  [date CHANGED from 10th July]
16-18 Jul  NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - NWSC [draw & timetable now available; results: Fri/Sat/Sun, & from NWSC;
            photos from Nature's Images; video from RowTV]
17    Jul  Molesey [new url]
           Castledore Regatta (Roadford)
18    Jul  Molesey Junior [new url]
           Brighton & Hove (CARA)
19    Jul  Doggett's Coat & Badge Race (12:30) London Bridge to Cadogan Pier [report from the Rowing Service]
19-23 Jul  Cambridge Town Bumps [now 5 days, each division will race 4 days out of 5]
24    Jul  Home International - NWSC [new website, including draw; results from NWSC;
            Scottish senior team announcement; video clip from RowTV]
           Staines [info, including draw & results]
           Coalporters [H&DARA; results]
           Henley Disabled
           St Neots [results]
25    Jul  Burway Veterans & Juniors
           St Neots Sprint [results]
           Bewdley Sprint
31    Jul  Henley Town & Visitors [details, including results: HTML & PDF]
           Swanage [H&DARA; new results]
           Deal (CARA)
1     Aug  Bexhill (CARA) [date CHANGED from 4th July]
7     Aug  Maidenhead
           Bournemouth [H&DARA; new results]
           Sudbury [video from RowTV]
           Eastbourne (CARA)
7-8   Aug  Stourport (not 14/15 Aug as previously shown in ARA calendar)
8     Aug  Appledore & Instow
14    Aug  Hammersmith Summer?
           Christchurch [H&DARA; new results]
14-15 Aug  Peterborough [draw; video from RowTV]]
15    Aug  Dover Junior
21    Aug  Oxford City Royal [Saturday draw; results; photos from BigBlade; video from RowTV]
           Hammersmith Summer?
           BTC [H&DARA; new results]
           Torbay Royal Regatta
           Inverness [draw]
           Warwick (closed regatta) [results]
22    Aug  Oxford City Sprint [Sunday draw;  results; photos from BigBlade]
           Hants & Dorset Championship and South Coast Selection row-offs if required [H&DARA]
26    Aug  Port Of Dartmouth Royal Regatta
28    Aug  Gloucester [video from RowTV]
           Port Of Bideford Regatta
29    Aug  Bristol Avon (including West of England Challenge Vase) [video from RowTV]
           Ross Veteran & Junior
30    Aug  Ross [video from RowTV]

4     Sep  Castle Semple Sprint [cancelled]
4-5   Sep  Evesham [rescheduled from May; video from RowTV]
5     Sep  North of England Sprint Championships
11    Sep  South Coast Championship (Bideford)
           Great River Race (1315) 
11-12 Sep  Worcester Autumn 
12    Sep  Cambridge Autumn [draw now available]
18    Sep  Bradford Autumn [draw & results now available]
           Swindon Splash and Dash - Vet & Jun - Coate Water Park
           Aberdeen Sprint [draw]
19    Sep  Lea Autumn  
           Boston Marathon   
25    Sep  Isis Sculls [draw & results: by time & by events]
           York Sprint
           Stourport Vet & Jun Head   
           Durham Vet & Jun [draw]
26    Sep  Monmouth Autumn Head (instead of 3rd Oct) [new results]

2     Oct  Wallingford LDSc [start order & results, + photos from BigBlade]
           Cambridge SBH 
           Chester LDSc
           Evesham Junior Oarsome Head
3     Oct  Maidstone Scullers Head [poster & draw]
           St Neots SBH
           Monmouth Head (now 26th Sept)
           Rowers' Revenge Triathlon [results now available]
9     Oct  Pairs Head [draw, & provisional results; photos now available from Nature's Images & BigBlade]
           Kingston Junior Fours Head [not happening this year; apologies for conflicting information]
           Strathclyde Park SBH  [start order: div 1/ div 2; results: div 1/ div 2]
           Berwick LDSc [start order & results; NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules]
           Tayforth Boat Race (Dundee v Stirling)
10    Oct  Reading SBH [start order; results from Mikrotime]
           Ancholme Head [new url] 
           Bedford Autumn Fours & Small Boats Head   
           Worcester Autumn Head 
16    Oct  Weybridge Silver Sculls [start order, & results: overall & by category; photos from photo-row]
           Runcorn October Head
           Wear LDSc [start order & results; NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules]
           Monkton Bluefriars SBH
17    Oct  Marlow Fours & Pairs Head (not 28 Nov) [cancelled due to lack of entries; see info from RQ]
23    Oct  Marlow Long Distance Sculls [start order; CHANGED url for results]
           Hammersmith Fours Head?
           Cambridge Autumn Head [results]
           Dee Autumn Head [start order & results]
           Tyne LDSc [NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules; was Nov 6th; start order & results]
           Hylton LDSc [NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules; now Nov 6th]
           St Andrew BC Biathlon Head - Stirling
           GB Senior & U23 assessment - Boston [ details & results from ARA;
            results from Boston RC: div1 (O M/W)/ div2 (L M/W)]
24    Oct  Upper Thames SBH [details & results (also from Mikrotime)]
           Nottingham Autumn Heads [photos will be available from Nature's Images;
            cancelled, but now rescheduled for November 28th]
30    Oct  Henley Sculls Head [start order: html & pdf; results: div 1/ div 2/ div 3]
           Tees LDSc & Tees SBH [info, LDSc start order & results, & SBH start order & results]
            [NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules]
           Agecroft Head [new event; date CHANGED from 20 Nov; results]
           Clydesdale Scullers Head [start order] (rescheduled to 4 Dec because of river conditions)
           Welsh SBH [new addition to calendar]
31    Oct  Lea Autumn Head
           City of Bristol SBH

1 - 4 Nov  Cambridge University Fours 
6     Nov  Fours Head (10:00) [on-line entries (now closed) using a pilot scheme for Online ARA;
            draw: start order/ club order; photos from Nature's Images, BigBlade, & Greg Thurtle;
            results: time order, by events, alphabetical, & pennant winners; see also smaller files]
           Pangbourne Junior Sculls [another new url, entry form, & start order; results from Mikrotime]
           Northwich Autumn Head
           Hylton LDSc [NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules; was Oct 23rd; start order & results]
           Tyne LDSc [NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules; now Oct 23rd]
           St Andrews University Small Boats Regatta - Forfar [details on SARA website;
            cancelled, due to shortage of entries]
7     Nov  Veteran Fours Head (or alternative url)[photos from Nature's Images & BigBlade; start order & results]
           Kingston SBH [info; start order, & results when available; also provisional results here]
9     Nov  Wingfield Sculls heats (not required) 09:30
11    Nov  Wingfield Sculls Final (11:02) [report from RQ]
13    Nov  Tiffin SBH [online entry facility; draw; results from Mikrotime] 
           Cambridge Winter Head
           Trafford Head
           Wansbeck LDSc [NRC Autumn Sculling Series notice, & rules; start order & results;
            photos from Ian Smith]
           Aberdeen Fours Head [start order & results]
           Norfolk Sculls [new addition to calendar; results]
14    Nov  Docklands SBH
           Stourport SBH
           Bristol Ariel Head
           Aberdeen SBH [start order & results]
20    Nov  Vesta Scullers' Head [or alternative url; start order;
            results: overall, by category, by club, & by name; photos from BigBlade]
           Huntingdon Head
           Agecroft Head [new event; date CHANGED to 30 Oct]
           Inverness Fours Head [start order & results]
           GB Junior trials - Boston [results: div 1/ div 2]
21    Nov  York SBH [results]
           Head of the Soar
           Totnes Mini Head
           British Indoor Rowing Championships - NIA Birmingham 
27    Nov  Hampton SBH [details; start list; J14s omitted from event because of numbers;
            results now available (also by events)]
           Evesham Head
           Bristol University Head [details, & results]
           Glasgow RC Fours Head [start order: div 1/ div 2; & results: div 1/ div 2/ by events/ club prize]
28    Nov  Marlow 4s and 2s Head (not this date, but 17 Oct)[link apparently not working, so watch out on MRC site]
           Great Ouse Sculling Champs
           East Midlands Big 'Ed (closed) [moved to following weekend]
           Nottingham Autumn Heads [photos from Nature's Images; event rescheduled from 24 Oct]

2-3   Dec  Fairbairn Cup - Cambridge [start order, + results: Senior/ Novice]
4     Dec  Walton SBH [start order, also in Word & PDF formats; results: Word & PDF formats]
           Liverpool Victoria Head of the Float
           Rutherford Head [start order;
            results to follow on Tyne RC site (but available already on Ken Hastie's site); photos from Ian Smith]
           Wycliffe SBH 
           East Midlands Big 'Ed (closed) [moved from previous weekend]
           Clydesdale Scullers Head [poster, start order, & results]
            (rescheduled from 30 Oct because of river conditions)
5     Dec  Wallingford SBH [start order; results; photos from BigBlade]
           Maidstone SBH [results]
           Newark SBH [photos from Nature's Images]
11    Dec  Burway SBH [start order; cancelled because of fog]
12    Dec  Tideway SBH (not held; rescheduled date was cancelled)
18    Dec  Tideway SBH (in the absence of approval from TRRC, the event has been cancelled)
           GB Senior & U23 assessment - Boston [details from ARA; results: div 1 M/W/ div 2 LM/LW]
19    Dec  Exeter Head

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Skiffing calendar for 2004
H&D ARA calendar for 2004
CARA regatta for 2004
Cambridgeshire Rowing Association calendar for 2004, + unofficial list for that area
SARA calendar for 2004
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