2005 International Rowing Calendar

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3-6   Feb  FISA Extraordinary Congress - Dubrovnik CRO
13    Feb  World Indoor Rowing Championships (CRASH-B) [results]
19-20 Feb  FISA Team Cup - Seville ESP [report & results from RQ]

5     Mar  Women's Eights Head - London GBR (10:30) [start order; results: time order/ alpha/ by events]
19    Mar  Head Of The River - London GBR (10:00) [starting order, also alphabetic;
            advice on Tideway and (V)HOR races' navigation from Thames Region;
            results, also alphabetic, in crew number order, by status, & trophy winners; timing statistics]
20    Mar  Vesta Veterans Head - London GBR [start order;
            advice on Tideway and (V)HOR races' navigation from Thames Region; results]

9-10  Apr  Ghent Spring BEL [programme, entry list, Saturday draw, Sunday entries, Sunday draw now available;
            results: Sat/Sun]

7-8   May  Ghent BEL [draw; results; video from RowTV]
           Munich Junior GER [results now available]
14-15 May  Essen GER
26-28 May  Rowing World Cup - Dorney (Eton) GBR (Thu/Fri/Sat; outline race schedule & timetable;
            bulletin from FISA; ticket details: bookings now open (but Saturday grandstand sold out);
            GB team announcement & update; list of GB entries & their results; provisional timetable;
            media guide; entries: nations by event/ events by nation/ details by nation/ details by event;
            start list summaries: Thu am/ Thu pm/ Fri/ Sat;  results summaries: Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Legends race;
            results in detail on FISA website; FISA reports; BIRO reports: Thu am/ Thu pm/ Fri/ Sat;
            World Cup standings: overall/ individual/ final ranking; photos from BigBlade & from FISA)  

4-5   Jun  Ratzeburg GER
           Hamburg Junior GER
           Régate Internationale de Versailles - FRA [GB team announcement; info from FISA & from FFSA;
            entry list & press release; reports from BIRO & from FISA]
17-19 Jun  Rowing World Cup - Munich GER [bulletin from FISA; provisional timetable; entries; FISA preview;
            GB team announcement; list of GB entries & their results; BIRO reports: Fri am/Fri pm/Sat/Sun;
            FISA reports; results summaries: Fri/Sat/Sun; results in detail; photos]
           Henley Women's - GBR [revised qualification rules; entries now closed;
            draw & results; photos from Greg Thurtle, BigBlade, & Natures Images; video from RowTV]
25-26 Jun  Holland Beker - Amsterdam NED

29 Jun
  - 3 Jul  Henley Royal - GBR [list of entries, press release, list of qualifying races, & qualifying results;
            outline programme of racing; draw: PDF/HTML (& on RQ's site); daily timetable; new results; 
            photos from Natures Images, from BigBlade, from Greg Thurtle, & from Peter Jowitt, & video from RowTV]
30 Jun
  - 2 Jul  Mediterranean Games - Almeria ESP

6     Jul  2012 Olympics decision by IOC
8-9   Jul  Henley Veterans - GBR [draw: pdf & xls; video from RowTV]
8-10  Jul  Rowing World Cup - Lucerne SUI [press release, provisional timetable; GB entries & results;
            entries: nations by event/ events by nation/ details by nation/ details by event;
            GB team announcement & update; start list summaries: Fri am/ Fri pm/ Sat/ Sun; 
            daily results summaries: Fri/ Sat/ Sun; BIRO reports: Fri am/ Fri pm/ Sat/ Sun; photos]
Mon 11 Jul Franco-British J16 match - Nottingham GBR 
21-24 Jul  World Rowing Under 23 Championships - Amsterdam NED [bulletin & early provisional timetable;
            GB team & USA team announcements; entries & Updated timetable; BIRO reports: Heats/Reps/SFs/Finals;
            GB team & their results; new results from FISA]
22-26 Jul  World Masters Games - Edmonton CAN [provisional draw; new results]
22-24 Jul  European Universities Sports Association regatta - Cardiff GBR [info from BUSA; GB team; Update 3;
            press release 2; new updated schedule; video from RowTV soon; results: Fri/Sat/Sun]
23    Jul  Home International - Cardiff GBR [Scottish team announcement; webcam of Cardiff Bay; video from RowTV;
           Franco-British J16 match - Nottingham GBR (date CHANGED to Mon 11 July)
30-31 Jul  Coupe de la Jeunesse - Eton GBR [entries; GB team; provisional timetable: Sat/Sun;
            new live commentary from RQ; results: Fri/Sat/Sun/points (also summary from RQ);
            photos from Chris Parry]

1-6   Aug  WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - Brandenburg GER [bulletin; GB team announcement; entry details;
            new GB team & their results; BIRO reports: Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat; finals commentary from RQ;
            results; daily results summaries: Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat]            
2-7   Aug  Royal Canadian Henley - St Catharines CAN [new results]

29 Aug (instead of 28th)
  - 4 Sep  WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Nagaragawa, Gifu JPN [bulletin (& for adaptive events); press release;
            USA, CAN, IRL, & GBR team announcements (more news of GB team & late report);
            timetables: provisional, revised, (but now see new final timetable, + revised Sunday timetable);
             typhoon precautions, [likely 2 day postponement, 2 day postponement confirmed,
             but now only 1 day postponement], Aug 29 start confirmed; 
            entries: summary by event (Updated), & by NF; details by NF, & by event;
            new GB team list (& their results, + links to BBC TV coverage of the 2 golds);
            media guide (part I/ part II);  
            BIRO reports: Mon hts/ Tue hts/ Wed reps/ Thu SFs/ Fri SFs/ Sat Finals/ Sun Finals;
            FISA reports: Mon hts/ Tue hts/ Wed am reps/ Wed pm reps/ Thu CD SFs (& races for lanes)/ Thu AB SFs/
             Fri C & D Finals/ Fri SFs/ Sat B Finals/ Sat A Finals/ Sun B Finals/ Sun A Finals;
            RQ reports: Sat/ Sun [+ report on W4x gold];
            Summary start lists: Mon hts/ Tue hts/ Wed reps/ Thu SFs/ Fri SFs/ Sat Finals/ Sun Sun Finals Updated;
            Results: daily results summaries: Mon hts/ Tue hts/ Wed reps/ Thu SFs/ Fri SFs/ Sat Finals/ Sun Finals;
             Detailed results; Live race viewer; World Best times not recognised by FISA;
             medal table; final placings;
            For information on withdrawals & substitutions due to illness, see Official Communication link]

8-11  Sep  FISA World Masters Regatta - Strathclyde GBR [including bulletin 1, March update, & bulletin 2;
            draw; results: Fri/ Sat/ Sun; FISA report; new photos from AvironPassion & from Aberdeen]
24-25 Sep  6th African Championships - Lake Tunis TUN [new results]

18-23 Oct  Asian Rowing Championships - Hyderabad IND [new FISA report & results]
22-23 Oct  Head of the Charles - Boston USA (not 15-16 Oct as previously shown here) [new results]

The events selected for this list are in general those of British interest.

For other events when details available, see the FISA calendar for 2005.  

Provisional calendar of UK events for 2005

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