2007 International Rowing Calendar

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17-21 Jan  Australian Youth Olympic Festival (rowing 20-21) [GB team announcement,
            BIRO preview, BIRO reports (day 1/ day 2), & results from RQ; full results (day 1/ day 2)]

17-18 Feb  FISA Team Cup - Seville ESP [BIRO preview; results; BIRO reports: Sat/ Sun]

31    Mar  THE HEAD OF THE RIVER RACE - London GBR (15:45 BST; start order, also alphabetical; 
            Race abandoned soon after start; eye-witness reports on RSR;
            results of those crews who did start and finish) 

1     Apr  Vesta Veterans Head - London GBR [start order;
            results: overall/ by category/ by club/ pennant winners;]
14-15 Apr  Ghent Spring - BEL

5-6   May  Munich Junior - GER [results]
12-13 May  Ghent - BEL [new results]
19-20 May  Essen - GER

1-3   Jun  Rowing World Cup - Linz - Ottensheim AUT [initial partial GB team announcement; full GB team;
            lists of entries, including: entry details by nation, entry summary by event; timetable;
            BIRO preview; BIRO reports: Fri am/ Fri pm/ Sat/ Sun;
            FISA preview, & who to watch for; FISA reports; results; live race viewer;
            full results (including names);
GB squad and their results] 2-3 Jun Hamburg Junior - GER 9-10 Jun Ratzeburg - GER 22-24 Jun Henley Women's - GBR [timetable; results] 23-24 Jun Marlow - GBR [draw & timetable; results from Mikrotime/ Sat/ Sun; photos from The Photoshop] 22-24 Jun Rowing World Cup - Amsterdam NED [FISA preview, who to watch, timetable; entry summary, entry detail by country, & full entry details; results (new url); GB team announcement; BIRO reports: Fri a.m./ Fri p.m./ Sat/ Sun; GB squad and their results] 4-8 Jul Henley Royal - GBR [entry list & press release; qualifying races: details & results; draw from HRR website, from the Rowing Service, & from Regatta Radio; timetable; results] 13-15 Jul Rowing World Cup - Lucerne SUI [race schedule; entry lists: detail by country, summary by event, detail by event; BIRO announcement of GB crews, preview, & reports: Fri am/ Fri pm/ Sat am/ Sat pm/ Sun; results, & World Cup points; GB squad updated with their results] 13-29 Jul Pan American Games - Rio de Janeiro BRA Mon 16 Jul Franco-British J16 Match - Nottingham GBR 26-29 Jul WORLD UNDER 23 CHAMPIONSHIPS - Strathclyde GBR [bulletin, & volunteers form; ticket sales; entries (summary by event, detail by nation, detail by event) & timetable; start lists: Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; results summaries: Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; results details; FISA reports: Thu/ Fri/ Sat: CD semis,FC,FB/ AB semis/ Sun: FB/ FA; FISA official communications; GB crew announcement, & BIRO reports: Sat/ Sun; GB squad list (with their results)] 28 Jul Home International - Inniscarra, Co Cork IRL [provisional timetable; results, & points score; Scottish & Welsh team lists] 3-5 Aug Coupe de la Jeunesse - Varese ITA [Varese website & outline timetable; entries: by nation, & by event; timetable; results: Fri (JW8)/ Sat/ Sun/ Coupe points score; BIRO report] 7-12 Aug Royal Canadian Henley - St Catharines CAN 8-11 Aug WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - Beijing CHN [GB team announcement; BIRO reports: Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat; GB squad list with results; timetable; results as available; From FISA: timetable; entries: summary by event/ detail by event/ detail by nation ; start lists: Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat; results: details, & summaries: Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat; reports: Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat: A finals/ lesser finals] 25 Aug - 2 Sep WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Munich GER [GB crew announcement, further announcement of GB crews, & BIRO preview; BIRO reports: : Sun/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; reports from Rowing Voice: heats/ reps/ SFs/ finals; GB squad list (with their results); crews qualified so far for 2008 Olympics; FISA entries announcement; entries: summary by event/ detail by event/ detail by nation; timetable (updated version); FISA preview; start lists: Sun/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; Results: results summaries: Sun/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; detailed results; live race viewer with audio commentary; FISA official communications; FISA reports: Sun/ Mon am/ Mon pm/ Tue Int/ Tue Oly/ Tue adaptive/ Wed am/ Wed pm/ Thu SFs/ Thu C&D/ Thu adaptive/ Fri CDE finals/ Fri SFs/ Fri adaptive FB/ Sat FB/ Sat FA/ Sat adaptive/ Sun FB/ Sun FA] 6-9 Sep FISA World Masters Regatta - Zagreb CRO [website; results, (replacing previous incomplete results)] EUSA - Girona (Banyoles) ESP [event website; GBR team announcement; timetable; results & report] 21-23 Sep European Rowing Championships - Poznan POL [timetable & competition schedule; entries: summary by event, detail by nation, detail by event; start lists: Fri/ Sat/ Sun; Results: detailed results; daily summaries: Fri/ Sat/ Sun; FISA reports/ Preview/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; live race viewer with audio commentary; FISA official communications; website; GB squad news & BIRO report; GB team list (with their results)] 16-19 Oct Asian Championships - Chung Ju KOR [new FISA report & results] 19-21 Oct FISA World Rowing Coastal Championships - Mandelieu, Cannes FRA [new FISA preview] 20 Oct Armada Cup - Bern SUI 20-21 Oct Head of the Charles - Boston USA 16-18 Nov Olympic Qualification Regatta for Latin America - Rio de Janeiro BRA [new FISA report & results]

The events selected for this list are in general those of British interest.

For other events when details available, see the FISA calendar for 2007 (also provisionally as PDF document).  

Calendar of UK events for 2007

DRV German regatta calendar

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