2008 International Rowing Calendar

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16-17 Feb  FISA Team Cup - Seville ESP [GB crew announcement; BIRO report & results: Sat/ Sun]

1     Mar  Women's Eights Head - London GBR 10:00 [draw; see also other W8H links, including info from earlier years;
            results: time order, alphabetical, by division, veteran handicap times;
            photos from Natures Images, The Photoshop, BigBlade, RowPhoto, Rachel Clarke,
            & from Colin Percy (including prizegiving); video from RowTv]
15    Mar  Head Of The River - London GBR (0945) [start order & alphabetic list of entries;
            photos from The Photoshop, Natures Images, BigBlade, dodsworld, & RowPhoto; video from RowTv;
            results: overall/ alphabetic/ crew number order/ by status/ trophy list]
16    Mar  Vesta Veterans Head - London GBR [draw; cancelled because of river conditions;
            photos of Corney Reach from BigBlade]

5-6   Apr  Crew Classic - San Francisco USA
12-13 Apr  Ghent Spring - BEL [regatta details for 2008; results: Sat/ Sun]
25-27 Apr  Olympic Continental Qualification Regatta for Asia - Shanghai CHN [info; FISA report]

3-4   May  Munich Junior - GER [results]
8-11  May  Rowing World Cup (& final Paralympic Qualification races) - Munich GER [Updated provisional timetable;
            FISA preview; GB crew announcement & update; entry list;
            Updated GB squad list (including results); From GB Rowing: Preview; Reports: Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun;
            From FISA: Preview; Reports; Start Lists: Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun; Results: Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun;
            video coverage from WCSN.com]
10-11 May  Ghent - BEL (including KRSG 125th anniversary celebration; info; photos from Birdman Photography)
16-18 May  Duisburg - GER [results] 
30 May -
    1 Jun  Rowing World Cup - Lucerne SUI [info; provisional timetable & entries; results: Fri/ Sat/ Sun;
            GB squad announcement; Updated GB squad list (now including results);
            BIRO reports: Fri/ Sat/ Sun]
31 May -
    1 Jun  Hamburg Junior - GER
31 May -
    1 Jun  Ratzeburg - GER

7-8   Jun  Holland Beker - Amsterdam NED
15-18 Jun  Olympic Qualifying Regatta (+ Adaptive Regatta) - Poznan POL [entry lists, & Updated  timetable;
            start lists: Sun/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed; results: Sun/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed; live results & commentary;
            BIRO reports: Mon/ Wed (Oly qual)/ Wed (adaptive); Updated GB squad list (including results)]
20-22 Jun  Rowing World Cup - Poznan POL [info; Updated GB squad announcement;
            FISA preview; entry details, & provisional timetable; start lists: Fri/ Sat/ Sun;
            results: Fri/ Sat/ Sun; BIRO reports: Fri/ Sat a.m./ Sat p.m./ Sun;
            Updated GB squad list (including results)]
           Henley Women's Regatta - GBR [timetable; results: Fri/ Sat/ Sun;
            video from RowTV; photos from Birdman Photography & from BigBlade]
21-22 Jun  Marlow - GBR [draw; results]

2-6   Jul  Henley Royal - GBR HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA [rules for 2008; list of entries, & draw (& from RQ); timetable;
            results; Regatta Radio; Henley Standard; Mystic Henley prediction competition;
            photos from BigBlade, from Natures Images, & from JET Photographic; video from RowTV]
Sun 13 Jul Franco-British U16 match - Valenciennes FRA [handbook & results]
17-20 Jul  WORLD U23 CHAMPIONSHIPS - Brandenburg GER [Updated provisional timetable; entries; GB squad announcement; 
            start lists: Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; results: Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; FISA reports; GB rowing reports;
            Updated GB medal list]
18-20 Jul  Coupe de la Jeunesse - Inniscarra, Co Cork IRL [entry list & timetable; results: Sat Hts/ Sat F/ Sun]    
22-27 Jul  WORLD JUNIOR (& NON-OLYMPIC SENIOR) CHAMPIONSHIPS - Ottensheim, Linz AUT [ Updated timetable; entries; 
            GB Senior team announcement; GB Junior team announcement; live race viewer & commentary;
            start lists: Tue/ Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; results: Tue/ Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun;
            FISA reports; GB rowing reports: Tue/ Wed/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun; GB crews (& their results)]
26    Jul  Home International - Cardiff [Scottish team - Updated selection] [results; video from RowTV]

2     Aug  Home International - Cardiff 
9-17  Aug  OLYMPICS - Beijing CHN [DJB Olympic rowing links] [GB team announcement + update;
            GB team list and their results so far; ARA Olympic page; FISA preview; Start lists;
            Start lists from FISA: Sat 9th/ Sun 10th/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed/ Thu (postponed to Fri)/ Sat 16th/ Sun 17th; 
            Start lists from ARA: Sat 9th/ Sun 10th/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed/ Thu (postponed to Fri)/ Sat 16th/ Sun 17th;
            Timetable; Updated version (after 8s heats postponement 10.8.08); FISA live race viewer; 
            Entry summary by event/ Entry detail by event/ Entry summary by NOC/ Entry detail by NOC;
            Results summaries FISA: Sat 9th/ Sun 10th/ Mon/ Tue/ Wed/ Fri/ Sat 16th/ Sun 17th]
28-30 Aug  European University Championships - Zagreb CRO [entry summary]

3-7   Sep  FISU World University Rowing Championship - Belgrade, SRB [GB team list; results]
4-7   Sep  World Masters Regatta - Trakai LTU [draw & timetable; results: Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sun]
6-17  Sep  PARALYMPICS - Beijing CHN (Rowing 9-11 Sep) [letter to FISA & IPC press release; 
            provisional timetable; GB team announcement, & confirmation; ARA coverage;
            Schedule and results from Beijing official site; Results from FISA: Tue/ Wed/ Thu;
            Entry lists & other info from FISA: entries by event & by nation; Reports from FISA: Tue/ Wed/ Thu; 
            Start lists: Tue/ Wed/ Thu, & from the ARA: Tue/ Wed/ Thu;
            ARA live reports: Tue/ Wed/ Thu; Reports from GB rowing: Tue/ Wed/ Thu;
            GB crews, and their results so far]
19-21 Sep  European Championships - Schinias, Marathon GRE [provisional timetable, now updated; FISA preview;
            Entry lists; Start lists: Fri/ Sat; Results: Fri/ Sat; live race viewer;
            GB team announcement; GB Rowing reports: Fri/ Sat; GB team & their results]

17-18 Oct  FISA Coastal Rowing Championships - San Remo ITA [new FISA report & results]
18-19 Oct  Head of the Charles - Boston USA [new results as available]

The events selected for this list are in general those of British interest.

For other events when details available, see the FISA calendar for 2008.  

Provisional calendar of UK events for 2008

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