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Unofficial notes re changes introduced April 2000

(see also unofficial summary of changes in 1998 and 1999, since the major revisions in 1997)

[These are unofficial notes, not with the authority of the ARA nor of the sub-committee on the Rules of Racing.
For full details of the rules, see the 2000 issue of the British Rowing Almanack,
or the MS Word file (still at the 1999 issue) available from the ARA website

Having written these notes, I then saw the article on page 28 of the May 2000 issue of Regatta magazine & I am more bewildered.  I think it is trying to say that there are further changes which aren't in the Almanack.  I'll try to get clarification & include it here.
A note previously on the ARA website (but apparently no longer available) seems to confirm that there _are_ extra changes beyond those in the Almanack.

These notes are divided into 3 sections:

If I have missed any of this year's changes, I'd be grateful if you could let me know as soon as possible.

In general the changes in the Almanack for this year are not major changes, but are clarifications.

Changes put into effect part way through 1999

During 1999 a provision was introduced to say that each ARA registered club could register a separate racing name for associated Junior or Schools organisations. Rule 3-1-1 requires that entries be made in the name of an ARA­registered club, and this provision allows separate racing names to be used for the Junior sections being set up in some clubs, for example as part of Project "Oarsome" (e.g. Bedford Star Junior Racing, Molesey Schools Rowing Association).

Changes introduced in April 2000

1 Rule 2-7-3 deals with misrepresentation, and says that an ineligible crew will be disqualified, and may be fined. If this ineligibility is not discovered until part way through an event and the event therefore ends up being declared void and entry fees returned to the other crews in the event, it would obviously not be unreasonable that the penalty imposed on a guilty club could include fining them an amount to cover these refunded entry fees, and the wording here now includes this specific provision.

2 Note in 3-3-4 re insurance for Veterans over 70

3 A new para 3-3-5 is being introduced to pull together the various existing references to coxes:

4 Senior 4 (4-1-3c) previously excluded lightweights, but will no longer have this exclusion.

5 Note in 5-2-3f re draw: Needs to be posted to clubs, & not sufficient to post on the Internet.

6 Heads - Steering & coaching to be specifically permitted (new note at the end of 6-1-8, & also 2-5-3, & 2-5-9 a & b). [Discussion as to whether megaphones will be allowed, also radios (e.g. W8H 2000); covered by words in italics in new rule.]

Changes under consideration, but not for 2000

(but some of these, and some other changes I knew nothing about, may be for 2000, though not in the Almanack;  I'm confused!  See note (unfortunately no longer available?) on ARA website for late changes.  It is likely that some of the mid-season changes introduced during 2000 which introduced inconsistencies and confusion will be removed.)

1 Junior sweep oar age restriction (3-3-3e) - no sweep oar for boys J15 [At one stage thought possible for 2001, but would have needed to give notice to allow provision of equipment]  {This change is no longer proposed}

2 Cox's weight limits (2-3-7 old b, intended now to be c) - Junior Rowing Commission recommend 55kg for Junior (J16 - J18) men [currently 40kg, while Senior men are 50kg], & 50kg for Junior (WJ16 - WJ18) women [currently 40kg, as are Senior women]. Also suggested 45kg for J14/J15. Would need consideration of senior limits (incl. women).  {This change, with the corresponding changes for Seniors, is planned to take effect in April 2001.}

3 School/ Junior (4-1-6b) previously allowed over-18s only for school crews, but suggested now also for clubs. [Change apparently agreed, but not in 2000 Almanack]  {Likely to be included in 2001 Almanack?}

4 Veteran age categories (4-1-7a) to be extended to include Vet I (over 75) [equivalent of FISA category H2] [check with Veterans Commission, who suggested this change] {Should be included in 2001 Almanack}

Other thoughts: Points (after review of regatta entry numbers)   [revised points figures now to be introduced April 2002]

Have I missed anything?  It is possible that I have missed some of the changes.  If so, please let me know.

If there are any further points which you think might benefit from further clarification in this summary, please let me know, and I will see what I can do.

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